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2014 Audi R8 V10 vs. 1988 Audi 80 – Generation Gap


The thing about pull rushing is anyone understands how to react to an environmentally friendly lighting – we do it multiple times daily on the travel to function and there’s little uncertainty. A Nascar-type going start off requires a little more awareness, particularly when the vehicle close to you has quicker gearing along with a vastly diverse powerband.

Receive the automobile going, transfer into secondly, sit at about 30mph, successfully pass the beginning cone and mash the pedal. However you also don’t want to be off the gas before the commence both, it’s more difficult than it may sound since you don’t have to get a hop on one other vehicle.

With all the six-velocity S tronic transmitting in automobile and also the Sport activity switch activated, the 2014 R8 V10 Additionally required off of such as the proverbial scalded pet cat – but without having the whiff of getting rid of hair or perhaps a find of wheelspin.

The R8 was constructed, I simply was required to guarantee I skipped the heli and didn’t get blown off line by its rotor clean.

Using the automobile capable of -60 in 3.3sec, and also this Plus design becoming a considerable 132 lb lighter in comparison to the typical R8 V10, it becomes an incredibly swift automobile. And mated to the lightning quick dual-clutch system transmitting, the thrust was unrelenting and continuous. It actually pinned one to the seat, my collision head protection jumping from the leather-based mind restraint.

2014 audi r8 v10 compared to 1988 audi 80 quattro heli run after 02 Photographor. 1988 Audi 80 – Age group Gap

With nothing to do but flex my correct lower-leg and steer, I needed time and energy to notice my setting. I had been craning my throat to find the automobile alongside me however the blindspot in the R8’s decorative mirrors is pretty large. Nevertheless, I needn’t have concerned simply because at about 100mph I listened to the revealing speed of pressurized oxygen. It couldn’t be me; the V10 was by natural means aspirated…

The whoosh subsided briefly as an additional items was grabbed. Just over my arm I noticed the exclusive five-cylinder motor come under complete load yet again and because the revs rose, the 1988 Audi 80 majestically sailed previous me. With my foot hidden inside the rug, the R8 experienced nothing else to provide, although it wasn’t jogging away. I crossed the fishing line at 143mph in next area in a two-automobile race.

About the come back highway I saluted the operator using a individual digit and came back towards the improvised pit location we’d set up about the air-port apron.

With the digital cameras reloaded, application checked out and the right time equipment reset, we returned to the base of the runway.

No Travel Sector

Airfield rushing dates back towards the dawn from the motorcar, when individuals were seeking places to contend. Soon after creating purpose constructed amenities or transforming airfields into racetracks in the midst of the past century, we currently discover ourself going back to airport terminals to obtain our pace enjoyment.

With comparatively couple of quarter-distance keeps track of in Los Angeles, and several autos not receiving inside their stride around that distance, occasions like Move-S3ctor’s Airstrip Strike and Omega Motorsports’ No Fly Area recently arrived at prominence.

2014 audi r8 v10 vs 1988 audi 80 quattro 10 Photographcompared to. 1988 Audi 80 – Age group Gap

As more of any difference in the standing-distance competitions, like the renowned Texas Distance, these airfield situations once more take advantage of what’s readily available, given that almost every metropolis carries a tiny airport, with a few happy to permit prepared velocity occasions to take place. What’s far more, the situations are typically relaxed and casual, with likeminded proprietors choosing whom to competition and placing their very own factors.

And then we spoke to Tony Lopez from Omega Motorsports (see sidebar) who was pleased to help us acquire usage of Minter Industry in Shafter, CA. This is where he jogged two No Take flight Sector events that are designed to let supercars to expand their thighs.

If you like the pace and sound of recent sports automobiles, you can even examine out a number of these emerging activities because you can get next to the motion, and using component is often less expensive than a proper track day. You get to have some fun, meet newer and more effective friends and have great video clip to consider home along.

Handbook Function

For our own following work inside the R8, I’d placed the S tronic into Guidebook setting and move gears me personally. That might surely make your variation and let me claw back again the 4 or 5 various vehicle lengths I’d lost on the 034Motorsport 80 quattro!

We weren’t employing a standing upright begin for the reason that R8’s Start Management work could have provided it even more of an edge however. So, yet again, we rolled throughout the starting entrance and punched it. The V10 lunged forwards, punching from the air. Actually, it snapped by means of second gear so fast, it bounced off of the rev limiter and dropped valuable time. I had been cursing myself so horribly I struck the limiter in the next equipment at the same time, permitting the 25 season-older sedan to pass me again.

2014 audi r8 v10 compared to 1988 audi 80 quattro 03 PhotographOr 1988 Audi 80 Quattro 03

This was getting awkward. The script stated that our $195000 supercar (as tested) would acquire the race. The subsequent run could be far better!

Certain sufficient, I nailed the products changes on the 3rd operate, flexing my fingers with excellent timing as being the tacho needle handled its 8700rpm rev limit. Next and then 4th gears were selected in milliseconds so we raced to the celebrities. Now I wouldn’t be outdone.

The howl of your V10 generator over my shoulder blades, heightened by significantly less generator bay insulation in order to save excess weight in the As well as model, guaranteed me how the 3660 lb sports car would get this succeed. We couldn’t be discontinued. The R8’s remote family member would become familiar with a unpleasant course in technological development.

With its amazing traction, stabilizing aerodynamics and gear shifts that are ten-periods quicker than a guidebook modify, I needed very little question regarding the results of this race. And so the red auto passed on me again just before we crossed the fifty percent-distance marker…

It was acquiring stupid. The time had come to tug more than and put some sugar in the fuel tank.

034 80

To get fair to your supercar, the Audi 80 wasn’t exactly outgunned. 034 Motorsport was aware of the challenge and helped bring a Wilderness Eagle .50 to our gentlemen’s duel.

Situated in CA, Fremont and directed by Javad Shadzi, the company has become constructing many of the most effective quattros on earth, and is a busy schedule-to resource for more aged Audi overall performance, specially the several-tube 20v engine with this car.

Recognized in 2003, 034 can trace its origins specifically back to Javad’s buying this 1988 Audi 80 in 1998. It had been his look for a lot more stress and energy at lacking perfect tuning components that will eventually direct him to produce his very own organization.

Way back in 1998, a spotty-faced Shadzi experienced just finished, acquired his initially task inside the VW/Audi aftermarket and needed a quattro platform to execute an generator replace. The Audi 80 was hugely unappreciated and the man purchased this vehicle for a track, since overall performance fans were keen on the C4 Audi S4, which could normally fit European RS2 updates.

2014 audi r8 v10 or 1988 audi 80 quattro starting up series 06 Picturevs. 1988 Audi 80 – Era Space

Equipped by using a naturally aspirated 2.3-liter several-cylinder 10v electric motor, Javad chosen to match a 20v engine from the Coupe quattro. He would dock the top, match forged internals and finally turbocharge it until he satisfied his objective of approximately 350hp with the crank.

With the internet blossoming in its beginning, information about his motor replace and succeeding power increases brought on some attention, with folks drawing near Shadzi for pieces and suggestions. The pastime became a organization in 2003 and would develop into a fulltime task in ’05.

The next customer, he and season-changed-employee and racecar-vehicle driver, Christian Miller, chose to operate the Audi 80qt at Bonneville, each to publicize the business as well as obstacle their selves more.

The inside was removed, rollcage equipped, exhaust removed, bigger turbo installed and 640hp discovered. They would pass technical assessment, take a seat on the Salt Flats but in no way competition. Rainfall rinsed-out the celebration and 034 would not go back to Bonneville.

The car’s succeeding background continues to be inexorably linked with us: coming into eurotuner Magazine’s Tuner GP afterwards in 2006, where it placed 2nd general with 750hp, and symbolizing eurotuner inside the Castrol Top rated Store Struggle in 2007 with 848hp.

2014 audi r8 v10 compared to 1988 audi 80 quattro commencing series 08 ImageCompared to 1988 Audi 80 Quattro Starting Range 08

The Castrol engine basically produced 1000hp in the crank on 100-octane energy, Shadzi accepted. As being a tuner we’re constantly driving ourself to see what we can permit and do the planet know we’re in this article. Nevertheless it wasn’t a 1-tick pony. This auto has competed on the dyno, pull strip and streets training course efficiently.

Regrettably, the 80 quattro can be sidelined by more recent projects that provided the company’s renowned B5 Audi A4 and middle-engined Golf GTI, each of which received the eurotuner GP.

The auto sat for a long time until finally early on 2013 once we got serious amounts of dirt them back. We usually envisioned the five-tube company to start out to disappear but it’s really got stronger as we’ve be a head in 20v tuning and parts source, discussed Javad.

2014 audi r8 v10 or 1988 audi 80 quattro 16 ImageCompared to 1988 Audi 80 Quattro 16

We now have everything from a 500hp bolt-on conversion for your C4 S4 around 1000hp conversions for that Ur quattro. One of our consumers even went to Bonneville with a lot of our parts and hit 270mph! he explained.

The initial outing to the 80qt was No Travel Area 2 at Minter Field, exactly where it will surpass all comers, simply to give in to some 1200hp Nissan GTR. It was actually exciting to get back again associated with the tire, Javad smiled. We’ve managed to get more of a sleeper now, though It was actually nevertheless in the Bonneville spec together with the exhaust through the co2 fibers hood and included in stickers. It absolutely was making about 750hp on 120-octane energy, he discussed.

The vehicle was having a new Accuracy and precision 6466 turbo that is certainly newer and a lot more successful, spooling 2000rpm faster and hitting 30psi total boost at 4500rpm, which wasn’t probable some time ago with the 2.3L engine.

V10 in addition

Experienced we acknowledged 034’s 2850 lb 80 quattro possessed 750hp and ideal gearing in their 01E transmitting for that one half-distance, we might not have motivated 120 kilometers and experienced the 97? F heat to be defeated repeatedly. Unaware, we arranged to the ultimate run.

The 034 team ended up being tinkering because of their auto and noticed they’d discovered the sugary place. I couldn’t see Javad’s self-confident grin beneath his helmet but could certainly sense it.

As we rolled all over the start off line at 30mph, the R8 didn’t get its customary head start. The 80 quattro was throat and neck. I glanced over in bewilderment. Typically it disappeared more than my shoulder and from vision.

2014 audi r8 v10 back look at 04 PhotoRear See 04

We pulled swiftly by means of second along with the R8 briefly gained a number of ft with all the alter into 3rd. But then the 80 constructed a head of steam since it revved to 9000rpm, and pulled ahead from a handful of auto measures. Yet again we clawed rear one more few ft . with the after that items transform, but were actually already 3 or 4 auto lengths behind by halfway.

The space was huge and humiliating, as I crossed the conclusion collection at 146mph. The 80qt possessed arrived at 159.5mph, and my only recompense was seeing Javad find it hard to cease with its supply 10 brakes. Since it was designed for Bonneville, it never gotten an upgrade and we’d been informed to steer obvious after the run.

Halting the R8 was a wind. The V10 Additionally will get carbon dioxide-ceramic braking system as common, which were a little snatchy at reduced rate but extremely powerful at high speed. Crossing the fishing line in excess of 145mph and braking from about 155, I never ever once employed the braking systems totally. I’d simply apply gentle strain and it would scrub rate instantaneously.

To tell the truth, I used using them tough as soon as and it also damage. The stopping strength was aggressive, jarring my neck forward and after that bashing my helmet to the chair, and so i didn’t give it a try again. However it had been perfectly reassuring to have them while i seen the 80qt squirming past the taxiway profit streets.

2014 audi r8 v10 top fascia 05 ImageTop Fascia 05

Along with the carbon dioxide-earthenware braking system, the V10 Plus becomes carbon fiber content side rotor blades, entrance splitter, back end diffuser and spoiler. There’s also a small gas tank, a lot less motor bay efficiency (where we were eternally thankful) and it ought to have guidebook alcantara-taken care of chairs – someone determined we must be pampered with run leather material chairs, which may have undone all of that great function, but we’re not moaning.

The V10 Plus features a nearly the exact same 550hp on the R8 GT design it replaces (making room for any 600hp GT later on? ). In addition, it advantages of the newest six-speed S tronic twice-clutch auto transmitting that offered the super speedy adjustments. Nonetheless, a 6-velocity guidebook can also be available, which happens to be wonderful news. The manual automobile weighs in at 55 lb significantly less but is .4sec slow to 60mph by virtue of your S tronic’s transfer pace. For some reason it’s 1mph faster, offering 198mph best velocity rather than 197mph for the S tronic.

So basically we acknowledge the 2014 R8 V10 Additionally was a little outgunned within our fun airfield race, it can do emphasize just how far Audi came in the last twenty five years. The carmaker experienced nothing more powerful when compared to a turbocharged sedan two decades earlier, nevertheless Audi now competes for room wall space together with the loves of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Just gauging open public response, our flat glowing blue R8 was photographed and videoed throughout our travel just as much as the Aston Martin DB9. As a result of a starring position in Iron Gentleman, every person recognizes the R8 and it also widely gets a beneficial impulse.

2014 audi r8 v10 motor bay 07 Pictureversus. 1988 Audi 80 – Generation Space

At $170545 for that guidebook V10 additionally (the R8 V8 starts off at $115k), it costs a great deal of dollars but features a tremendous impact. It is a genuine everyday supercar, in a position to quietly move by way of freeway traffic, or snort and snarl via canyons with all the Sport key pressed, delivering a far more aggressive exhaust notice and outdoors throttle blips to accompany automatic downshifts.

It’s an auto that will equally satisfaction and make an impression on equally its residents and passersby, although coming back a respectable 22mpg on the freeway (16mpg combined, S tronic version). It certainly doesn’t injured which it looks just like it is going, as well as Javad needed to confess that with this struggle of Goliath or a somewhat older Goliath, he’d consider residence the R8 if he needed to make a choice from them!

Omega Motorsport Activities

2014 audi r8 v10 versus 1988 audi 80 quattro omega motorsports park your car 09 PhotoOr 1988 Audi 80 Quattro Omega Motorsports Playground 09

Using a 700hp 996 Porsche 911 turbo inside the garage, steering clear of speeding fees turns into a daily task. So Tony Lopez, like several fanatics prior to him, made a decision to manage a track time. With enough curiosity from friends, his first Omega Motorsport event was organised at Option Willow Raceway in 8/12.

At the start of this season, they chose to put an airfield velocity celebration, operating in collaboration with Minter Industry in Shafter, CA (see sidebar). The entry payment was $200 and it also sold out beforehand, by using a shortlist of individuals waiting around for another person to again out.

With 1 race occurring each 40sec approximately, a BMW M5 proprietor halted counting just how many operates he experienced after 50 – Omega prides itself on having a nicely-oiled equipment when it comes to keep track of time. They even provided huge chilling fans inside the staging lanes to help great the automobiles and individuals. With competition energy and meals suppliers on-hand, the participants possessed a good time.

Omega Motorsports intends to expand its operations throughout Ca as well as accept it for the East Shoreline. So, if you’re trying to find a keep track of day time or airfield occasion, make sure to take a look at or for your most up-to-date media and changes, together with a forthcoming Buttonwillow path day and Minter area situations.

Minter Discipline

2014 audi r8 v10 versus 1988 audi 80 quattro minter area 11 Picturevs. 1988 Audi 80 – Era Space

Set up in 1941 as a spot to train mma fighter pilots in the P-51 Mustang, Minter Discipline became a significant part of America’s war work and yet houses a museum in the residence to honor its historical past (

Now a privately owned air-port utilized by local crop and aircraft pilots dusters, it possesses a exclusive triangular runway settings which makes it suitable for activities like Omega Motorsport’s No Fly Region speed tests.

Additionally, Minter Industry also organizes its unique twelve-monthly two-working day airshow Madness Around Minter that displays the very best in aerobatics, warplane preservation and, obviously, the neighborhood flyboys strut their information. Seats are from $15 ahead of time at and the up coming you will be all around October 2014.

Found off of Route 99 and near I-5 freeway, Minter Discipline is not hard to access, and also the flat farmland supplies excellent viewing prospects.

If you want to carry a speed trial at Minter Field, contact Omega Motorsport from the Fb web page previously mentioned, or be a part of one among their prepared activities.

We observed the airfield, with a smooth surface previously, might shortly be extensive and resurfaced, allowing larger airplanes to land but in addition significance increased rates must be achievable.

2014 Audi R8 Secondly Judgment

2014 audi r8 v10 vs 1988 audi 80 quattro 12 Imageor. 1988 Audi 80 – Age group Gap

It’s a surprising travel. The R8 V10 In addition believes almost like an entirely new design in comparison to the standard V10 and V8. It believes virtually aftermarket tuned in the persona, creating the Including a absolutely amazing supercar. We’re not very easy to impress but Audi features a new hero auto.

The 2014 R8 V8 felt similar to a wonderful every day vehicle driver with reliable coping with thanks to its lighter control weight and usable powerband. When equipped having a traditional half a dozen-pace gated shifter, it’s stunning. Associated with the wheel, we needed a little bit more potential; it lacked enthusiasm and eagerness.

Ultimately, right after settling to the R8 V10 Spyder, our ear had been achieved with all the spectacular noise of your satanic 5.-liter V10 that echoed away any near by surface area. The auto suffered from entire body roll, understeer as well as a pins and needles we couldn’t love in Latigo Canyon, whilst the brakes were actually greater, as well.

With all the leading down, the Spyder provided a distinctive practical experience, like a saturday and sunday cruiser. But we weren’t after romantic endeavors; we desired brute potential.

Luckily, the V10 Additionally clarified all our prayers. It provides the stout quattro travel program eliminate the loathed understeer, a reactive 550hp V10, braking systems that may stop an Airbus A380, plus a transmission that changes more quickly than everything else out there.

It sprints to 60mph in 3.3sec, knocking off of changes from the blink of an eyesight, transferring the quarter-mile in 11sec and change. And even though the velocity was addicting, it was actually the composure that impressed us most.

Inside the canyons, the location I was after confident the Porsche Boxster was the best carver available, the R8 was a tarmac destroyer.

It ate up each and every turn, sweeper or hairpin. The torque was ever present to drag me out and i also was rarely conscious the leading tires were powered whatsoever.

With the fixed sport revocation and back end-biased drivetrain, the As well as will kick out its back end auto tires but balance on its own similar to a somewhat inebriated ballerina, even though the middle of-engine design has long been excellent: excellent techniques but skittish sufficient to get a very good chuckle. This is the R8 we constantly wanted.

– Alex Bernstein

1988 Audi 80 quattro

1988 audi 80 quattro rear perspective 15 PictureBack end Perspective 15

Javad Shadzi

Fremont, CA

Operator, 034 Motorsport

Generator Audi 2.34L 7A 20v block, 83mm JE pistons, 150mm Carrillo rods, 034 covered rod and principal bearings, O-ringed mind, 034 Copper Composite gasket, 034 point 5 go porting, Supertech extra-large valves, 034EFI High definition device springs, 034 reliable lifter transformation, custom Kitty cams, Autotech cam vernier, 034EFI Phase IIC engine control with wideband control, 034 improve management control device, 034EFI wiring utilize and productivity coil kit, 034EFI stainless tubular header with 60mm Tial wastegate, Precision CEA 6466 turbocharger, 3.5 downpipe with exhaust dispose of, 50mm Tial blow-off control device, personalized front-attach intercooler with 3 piping, Wagner HO ingestion manifold with 034 major-bore throttle body, 034 Fluidampr crank pulley with serpentine belt conversion, 034EFI aluminum radiator, RS2 fan and shroud

1988 audi 80 quattro 7A generator 13 Picturecompared to. 1988 Audi 80 – Technology Gap

Drivetrain Audi 01E five-rate transmitting, Spec triple-sintered iron clutch, 034 12 lb flywheel, JHM 5: 1 high-prejudice center diff, lockable back diff, 034 weighted move knob, motorsport shifter and personalized linkage, RS2-type custom Drive Shaft Store axles, 034 motorsport generator, trans and diff mounts

Brakes carry, with Hawk Azure pads

Suspensions 034 coilovers with Koni adjustable shocks, spherical strut mounts, custom made sway pubs, 034 delrin management arm bushings, Audi RS2 strut club

Tires & Auto tires 15×7 OZ Ultraleggera wheels, 225/50 R15 BFGoodrich pull radial car tires

1988 audi 80 quattro cobra racing individuals seating 14 Imagecompared to. 1988 Audi 80 – Era Space

View Image Art gallery (16) Pictures

External surfaces Audi RS2 hood, Kamei top grille, coloration-matched bumpers and wall mirrors

Indoor Cobra Racing driver’s chair, several-position harnesses, FIA-spec rollcage, AIM Pista Sports activities race dash with Gps navigation and datalogging, Audi S2 steering wheel, carpet and back end seat taken away, flame extinguisher method

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