Tire Talk – for Safety and Fuel Efficiency

Those black, rubber circles are the only things which stand between your car and the road, which means that you must never under-estimate the importance of having good quality, well maintained tires which are in tip top condition. Without a decent set of tires your car can feel like it is driving on ice, have poor fuel efficiency, handle poorly, not stop when it should or even suffer a blow out at speed . . . all of which are dangerous scenarios and best to be avoided.
The bottom line . . . if you look after the tires on your motor they will be happy to return the favor.
One of the most important and easiest things to remember is to maintain the correct tire pressure. If your tires are under-inflated they will overheat which can cause them to wear out faster and have more rolling resistance which means that more fuel will be used to maintain speed. If, however your tires are over-inflated, it can lead to poor and even dangerous handling.


It is really important that your vehicle is fitted with the correct type of tire. Don’t be tempted to fit tires which have different specifications to those advised by the manufacturer – take into account the load and speed ratings of the tires for maximum safety and efficiency.
Looking after your tires is relatively simple if you follow these tips:
• It is impossible to tell if the tire pressure is correct just by looking at your tires, check them with an accurate pressure gauge.


• Make sure that your spare tire is roadworthy, pumped and ready for action. You never can tell when you are going to need it.
• Tires will naturally lose a little bit of air over time so make sure that you check the pressures every couple of weeks, or at least once a month.
• Heat will cause the tire pressures to rise temporarily so try to check the pressures when the tires are still cold. Never check them after you have driven a long distance because this will not give an accurate reading.
• Always replace the valve caps on your tires. This can help to prevent debris from entering the valve core.
• Remember that if your tires have either too much or too little pressure it can be extremely dangerous.
• If you notice a rapid change in any of your tires get it checked over by a specialist immediately. If a tire fails while you are traveling at a high speed the consequences can be tragic for you, your passengers or someone else.
• Remember to check the depth and pattern of the tread on your tires regularly. Don’t wait until they are down to the absolute minimum amount of tread needed for legal purposes, think safety and change them before they reach that stage.


• Check your tires for signs of damage regularly. Look for cracks, bulges and splits or signs that any foreign objects (stones, nails etc.) are embedded in the tire wall. If you notice something unusual get it checked out by a specialist.
• Temporary repair kits are available which can come in very handy by the side of the road in an emergency situation, but always drive with extra care and get tires repaired or replaced by the professionals as soon as possible.
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