How to Lower Those Monthly Car Insurance Premiums

It’s quite the racket: you HAVE to have car insurance, and yet, there’s no way to avoid paying way more than you think you should have to. After all, you’re safe driver, you don’t need insurance! But the only thing more expensive than insurance, as they say, is not having insurance when you need it. So what can you do that you actually have control over to lower those monthly payments? Here are a few tips that you the average American can do to make sure you’re spending too much on a non tangible good like car insurance.

Get Cheap Insurance


If you really are as good a driver as you say and you don’t really feel like you need insurance, might as well get one of those super cheap ones that are terrible when you actually need it but will not cost too much. Look at Geico. There’s a reason that 15 minutes could save you 15% or more: their insurance is terrible and at a time of need you will be up the proverbial creek. But if you don’t need it much then you can go ahead and get it because then you will be able to keep your monthly costs low while still technically abiding by the law that requires you to have insurance. But man, god help you if you actually need it at some point.

Safety Features in Your Car


When it’s time to buy a car, new or used, make sure to get a bunch of those safety features you hear so much about. It’s not only good because they actually are safety features that will come in handy at a time of a wreck, but they will give you discounts on your monthly premiums. You’re going to want air bags of course, driver side and passenger side. Also seat belts and seat warmers. If you look at the cars at Nissan Valencia you’ll notice that they will list out the safety features that each car has. This can help you decide on what car you want to get, because the same cars but with differing levels of safety may be the deal breaker. Go ahead and scope out the cars at Downtown Nissan too.

Safe Driving


Of course the best way to beat the premium blues is to actually be a safe driver. That means put your phone down, check your mirrors and don’t listen to your music too loud. It’s this odd feeling that most people have, where driving is some sort of god given right. Well it isn’t. You have to respect that you’re in command of a giant heavy vehicle that literally could cause your own death or even worse the death of a stranger who did nothing wrong. Be aware and in constant control. A benefit other than living will be the lower premiums, but don’t let money be the deciding factor: be a upstanding member of society for once.