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The Details:

First R35 to interrupt into the 7-second quarter-mile range

Best timeslip of 7.984 at 186.14 mph

-60 mph in 1.72 seconds

Stock 2014 GT-R Track Edition runs quarter-mile in 11 seconds at 125.1 mph

Chicago-based AMS Performance has made headlines repeatedly for the record setting turbo builds – most notably because of its Nissan GT-Mitsubishi and R Evolution tuning techniques. Dedicated to rigorous testing and continued R&D helped spawn the latest world record setter: The AMS Alpha Omega GT-R. Recently, it became the first R35 on earth to enter into the 7-second quarter-mile club with a best time of 7.984 at 186.14 mph – track conditions were not ideal either. The feat occurred in theWhich is light years faster compared to a stock 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition that runs the quarter-mile in 11. seconds at 125.1 mph, based on Motor Trend. Did we mention the Alpha Omega also is streetable…sort of.

To find out more regarding this monumental GT and achievementThat which was the first car you modified?

MM: “Believe it or perhaps not it, it was actually a Merkur XR4Ti. A turbocharged 2.3-liter engine based on the Ford Pinto engine! Back in 2000, we were making 360whp and 360 lb-ft of torque on pump gas, that has been really impressive for the time.”

At about 1600 awhp, we began to have major tire slip problems around the dyno.

What made you end up picking the GT-R for these record attempts?

MM: “The GT-R is just an incredible platform. We’ve already accomplished a lot together with the Mitsubishi EVOs – setting drag and time attack records – so the natural progression was the Nissan GT-R. It probably has one of the best drivetrains available on the market at this time. The engine makes tons of power stock and has huge potential once modified. The transmission shifts unbelievably quick and just keeps the strength flowing uninterrupted to the ground. You are taking a car that makes more power, is lighter, but with a manual trans, and the GT-R will walk all over it because it puts down all of the power to pavement all of the time.”there are tons of parts and processes that are proprietary to our engine builds. Exactly the same technology that goes in the Alpha Omega engine goes into all our customers engine builds, providing the most dependable engine package available.”

Compression: 9.75: 1

Bore: 98mm

Stroke: 88.4mm (stock)

Darton MID sleeves

AMS propriatery block strengthening

Rods: AMS custom specification Manley rods

Pistons: AMS custom specification JE pistons

Crank: Stock Nissan VR38DETT

Heads: AMS CNC ported heads with oversized valves and upgraded springs

Camshafts: AMS specification Kelford Camshafts

Boost Level: 40 psi

Fuel: E85 (mixed by AMS)

ECU: Syvecs stand-alone

What’s the most important thing to not forget during a project like this?

MM: “We’ve learned over the years that good planning is a huge way to save time in the long run. Take your time, plan it, and build it once. In cases like this, we planned out the project well and incredibly didn’t will need to go back and change anything drastic during the build. We set a goal at heart and put milestones in place to reachTech and Driver

Explain the process leading up to a quarter-mile run.

IP: “Getting into Omega is more like strapping yourself to a rocket. Fire suit, HANS device, six-point restraints, helmet…breathe…window net, HANS strapped to helmet, gloves…Make sure traction control is off, launch mode on…breathe…did Chris pull the chute pin? Pull up to the burnout box. Make sure that traction control is off and launch is on. Little dry hop to make sure the tires are clean…breathe…touch the chute release handle to make sure it is still there and it’s time for you to pull up to the line. Pre-stage… stage…first bulb lights and go WOT.

Acceleration is somewhere between ‘too much of a good ‘shit and thing’Exactly what do you launch at?

IP: “4700 rpm and 7 lbs. of boost with antilag popping and cracking out of the back. At launch, it jumps like you just got rear-ended.

If feel like at WOT, what does?

IP: “Acceleration is approximately ‘too a great deal of good ‘shit and thing’ your pants scary.’ From the lower gears you are just praying you don’t must make any steering corrections and then in the higher gears you are only looking forward to getting the chute out. Prior to the finish line and have the tug since it opens, release the chute. Luckily, it really is over so quickly there is not lots of time toin the half-mile.

Is more left in this your next record goal?

IP: “The next two big goals are sub 5-second 1/8th mile times, 190 mph trap speeds in the quarter, and 220 mph from the half-mile.”

How does the Alpha Omega compare to past GT-R builds?

IP: “It’s a dedicated test car, so that we push this car harder than every other car we build for the customers to guarantee our products will withstand the abuse.”

What exactly like to drive on the street?

IP: “People scream on the car at all times when you street drive it. The car is at such a level that it isn’t really safe to run at high horsepower on the street though.”

You can make a tiny fortune in drag racing, you just have to first start with a biggermethods for tuners who would like to start drag racing?

IP: “You can make a small fortune in drag racing, you just have to first start with a larger fortune.”

For R35 owners, what is the most crucial performance upgrade?

IP: “A proper ECU tune. The ECU will be the foundation of the fullfor a company to recoup its financial investments in time attack.

So how exactly does time attack compare to drag racing?

IP: “It’s another cool motorsport different than drag racing yet still cool. We used to do quite a bit of time attack using our EVOs but nowadays it’s tough for an organization to recoup its financial investments with time attack.”

What is your daily driver?

IP: “2007 Subaru Legacy Wagon.”

Besides, racing, the other hobbies occupy your time?

IP: “RC helicopters, cars and planes.”

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