Great Games You Can Play in the Car

It’s always the same . . . well, it is in our car anyway. Everybody is super excited to set out on the journey, the luggage is packed and the snacks are in position . . . and yet within 30 miles you hear the same old story.
“I’m bored . . . . ”
“Are we nearly there yet . . . . ”
And just think, only another 586 miles to go . . . bliss.


Okay, we all pack our own play lists, we’ve got portable DVD players and every musical media device known to man, but sometimes you need to take a step back in time and enjoy some good old fashioned fun.
The best car games don’t need paper and pens, they don’t need any tools or equipment, there’s nothing to drop on the floor or to lose, and many of them can be tweaked to suit a wide variety of age ranges of passengers.
Here are a few of our favorites . . .
Twenty Questions – well, “are we nearly there yet” is one, but what about the other nineteen? The first person to think of something takes the first turn . . . and then the questions begin. The occupants of the car must try to discover what the question master is thinking about by asking only twenty “yes” or “no” questions. The first should always be to discover whether this “thing” is animal, vegetable or indeed mineral, then you can be on your way taking turns to ask questions until you narrow it down to the object. “Does it have fur?” . . . “”can you eat it?”” . . . the possibilities are endless.


Shopping Game – is another great memory game which helps to make the miles fly by. The first person starts off with “”I went shopping and I bought something which begins with A . . . let’s say Apricots . . . “”the next person must repeat the phrase and tag along something which begins with B . . . let’s say bread . . . and so on around the car. This does get more difficult as more letters and items are added to the list, particularly if you try to think of something you can buy with the letter X.
Count The . . . – you can choose whatever you want for this game which is particularly good for younger members of the family. You can count the trees, the cows, the churches, the tractors, the blue pickup trucks . . . whatever you decide.
License Plate Game – is another old favorite which never gets boring . . . well, you should get at least a couple of hundred miles out of it anyway. There are lots of different variations for this game which really depends upon the ages of the players. Older children may need to spot out of state plates whereas younger ones could just try to spot all of the letters in the alphabet . . . in the right order of course.


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