CL7 Honda Accord Euro R – The Blue M&M


Well, slap my ass and call me Susan. I think I am just in love. This hard blue candy-coated CL7 is one hell of a sweet ride. For years I have wanted owning a car like this, and recently I picked up my first TSX to act being a daily driver. The lines are still there, and thus is the engineering, though sadly, my American version in the Accord can be a mere shadow of what the thing is here. For those who have read my previous works for HT, you are knowledgeable of my affinity for any of Honda’s lesser-loved and more rare chassis. Maybe it’s only the uncompromisingly stubborn side of my psyche, but I like the overlooked or unattainable. And that is precisely what you have here: a completely racebuilt, JDM, Mugen, RHD and Spoon and M&M Honda-equipped Acura TSX, complete with a Euro R badge and a huge amount of attitude. This car is very rare that most of us will never know what it seems like to drive one; and unless your pocketbook and interest inside a portly chassis are more than overly abundant, you will never have the chance to build one. So, what’s another best thing? I recommend that you chill out, open up a bag of your own favorite hard-shelled chocolate candy, and engage inSo let’s start things off by analyzing the decadent core of the outlandishly tasty treat. Built entirely by M&M Honda of Japan, this CL7 was designed to get both a street-legal head turner along with a total track monster. It retains all of the luxurious amenities that originally attracted me to my CL9 here in the States (i.eAC, . and PS power windows, etc.), while still managing to lose a couple of hundred kilos of unwanted weight at the same time. Meanwhile, the Euro R’s lusty K20 powerplant is stroked to complement its USDM brethren’s 2.4-liter displacement specs, and an exquisite ITB setup and forged internals were installed to sharpen the grunt buried below the throttle. This Accord has received an eye-catching assortment of aero parts, the full exhaust system has become titanium in nature, and it is all component of a master plan. This car was originally designed for one reason and one reason only,. That’s what you need to know, my curious comrades: to get faster when compared to a Type R and become the easiest street-legal Accord in all of Japan. Well, that is one hell of your tall order y’all. Type R Hondas of all kinds weigh a fraction of what the CL7 weighs, and they will outhandle the Euro R at each and every turn. So, how to proceed, what to do? After M&M Honda stroked it, the company opted to install some much stiffer suspension and custom bushings on all four corners of your car, together with some insanely wide wheels to help place the power to the pavement. From that point, the M&M crew installed a Haltech EMS in order to provide the widest possible array of tuning adjustment. Where does this place them in their quest to be faster than the average Type R, and exactly what does this do for their ranking in that treacherous climb to the peak of the street-legal Accord class? The answer will surprise you.

In recent years, this CL7 has destroyed countless CTRs, ITRs, and fellow Euro Rs. It has spanked the competition at tracks across Japan, Time Attack records have been smashed, and heads have been turned at every stoplight and intersection in between. This car gets driven on the track, where it gets pushed towards the limits and beyond, and then, when the smoke clears, it gets driven home-trailers will not need to apply. Right from the street for the track, all M&M has to do is sign in, proceed through tech inspection, get to the paddock for a little preparation, and it’s off toBack in 2011 this sedan destroyed the competition at Suzuka Circuit by putting down a good lap time period of 2: 27: 9, and then it came back to stun the opposition at Fuji International Speedway in 2012 with a time attack lap time of 2: 01: 4. To wrap it all up last year, this CL7 blew away the opposition with another highly respectable 1: 04: 4 at the infamous Tsukuba Circuit. And even though M&M Honda’s 2013 plans just for this beast of your Accord continue to be shrouded in secrecy, something is for certain: It now holds the title to have the fastest street-legal Honda Accord in all of Japan. So, while you chew on that little tidbit of info for a minute, allow me to provide you with a brief rundown on why this car can state that title.

This CL7 is chock-full of Toda internals to help keep that stroked, high-compression K24 safely pumping out the horsepower, as I mentioned earlier. Everything from the titanium valvetrain to the carbon clutch is reinforced by Toda; and what isn’t supported by Toda is Mugen in nature. Alternatively, a one-off creation courtesy of M&M Honda. Oodles of M&M Honda bushings stiffen the chassis and improve handling; Ohlins one-off dampers handle the hard corners. Stopping power is a six-pot AP Racing concoction that grasps ahold of M&M Honda oversize rotors.

CL7 honda accord euro r m and mHauling ass across Japan in the fastest Accord ever made sure must be fun, but looking great while you’re doing additionally it is quite important. M&M Honda loves the lines of the Euro R, so it decided to accentuate them, piecing together a body kit that is just…breathtaking. Save for a Spoon Sports front bumper along with the Mugen side skirts, everything on the outside with this car is an M&M Honda original. Custom fenders were crafted to follow along with the OEM lines in the Accord while still allowing enough room for the massive 10.5-inch-wide TE37SL wheels to fit. For a few additional pop, the car was sprayed Long Beach Blue Pearl. Original undertrays were fabbed up to reduce resistance, and acrylic windows installed to fight obesity.

So, before I make you, be sure to look this car over from top to bottom, and as your eyes languish inside the Long Beach Blue Pearl embodiment on this Euro R, know full well it is only going to improve. In fact, some day it may go down in the past as the best Honda Accord ever built. Now that could be sweet…

Bolts & Washers


K20, stroked to 2.4L

Haltech EMS

Toda Sports injection (ITBs)

Toda high-compression pistons

Toda rods

Ported/polished head

Toda cams

Toda valvesprings

Toda retainers

Cosworth high-compression head gasket

Toda VTC control cam gear

Toda heavy-duty timing chain

Toda race header

M&M Honda 70mm titanium exhaust

M&M Honda engine damper

M&M Honda radiator hose kit

Mugen thermostat

Mugen thermo switch

Transmission cooler kit

Smar oil catch tank

, 6 cross transmission set4 and 5m and msteering wheel

Mugen quick shifter

Mugen shift knob

Owner Specs

Daily Grind

Building and racing every imaginable Honda

Favorite Site

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30 years

Screen Name

Dream Car

F1 Honda race car

Inspiration for this particular Build

To build Japan’s fastest street-legal Accord

Future Builds

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CL7 honda accord euro r m and mFor those Honda fans outside ofFukuoka and Japan, here’s a little background on M&M Honda. Dedicated to creating go-fast goods for Hondas has been this company’s specialty for over 30 years now, and it has raced and built almost everything imaginable. So, if you need something for your S2000, Accord and Civic or Integra, these guys are definitely worth a look. One-off creations are abundantly available if the price is right, plus they never shy away from obscure builds like the Honda Beat or even the City Turbo II, for instance. Wondering how you can get your grubby little hands on some of this awesomeness? Well, you’re in luck as all of M&M’s parts are distributed through Wired Electronics of New Jersey. If you want to pick something up, drop the guys at Wired Electronics a line and tell them HT sent you!

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