2013 Scion FR-S (ZN6) – Black Beauty


Daniel Song of Orange County, CA, has a solid history as being an automotive enthusiast. Being raised in Los Angeles, he has been at the heart of your car tuning culture his whole life which has positively influenced him as an enthusiast. His history is really quite rich. That’s what separates him from others. Rather than adhering to one particular manufacturer and style of modifying-as much people do-he has owned a fairly eclectic and exotic range of cars (a ’05 Lotus Exige, a ’97 Acura NSX, a ’06 Honda S2000, a ’10 BMW 335i, a ’11 Nissan GT-R, as well as a ’05 Lamborghini Gallardo). From Japanese makes (and arguably the best chassis in the future from Japan, at that) to European exotics, Daniel has owned and modified all of them. But it all started for him with Honda, back in 1999. I was hooked after buying my first car, Daniel says. I got a ’99 Honda Civic Si and started modifying and customizing the car without delay. Clearly, that vehicle proved to be the gateway for Daniel into the field of import tuning in which his passion, creativity, and enthusiasm found methods tofor the incredible build you see before you decide to: This car was designed and built to compete in the 2012 Scion Tuner Challenge. If you are brand new to the event, it is an annual competition held by Scion corporate in which three individuals are selected to build cars that will debut at SEMA. After submitting renderings of the their final product may be like, Scion delivers the builder together with the car, $15,000 to use toward the build, and ninety days to complete their build before SEMA. Yes, just 90 days to build the full car. The contestants are carefully selected and only individuals who show a high degree of potential are given the chance; given Daniel’s rich history, it is not surprising that he was selected to compete, although obviously, this is certainly no easy task.

Immediately after being accepted as being a participant inside the competition, Daniel’s mind went along to work. He felt the Scion FR-S was designed to be an affordable performance vehicle that any driving enthusiast, from amateur to professional, could enjoy. It was from that perspective the theme for his build was born. Daniel decided he wanted to develop araw and aggressive, and sinister, race car-themed FR-S. That it would also perform solidly on a track, in which the build as well as its parts could come alive, although he decided to name it the FR-S GT. It was vital to Daniel that the car not only be show-ready due to its debut at SEMA. To achieve this, Daniel picked only brands and components of the highest performance and quality. Each of the businesses that Daniel collaborated with was carefully selected; he only wanted to partner with those that were the very best at their businessOnce the relationships were solidified, Daniel set out to get started the process. Developing a brand-new car would end up being quite a daunting task, especially within the short period of time frame allotted to him, though having solid individuals your corner is substantially helpful. For the reason that car was so new, there have been very little production-ready, off-the-shelf parts available. The majority of the parts either had to be air freighted from Japan, or custom one-off parts needed to be created for this project, Daniel says. One thing that separates Daniel from other previous Tuner Challenge participants is that he doesn’t own his own shop, nor did he mean to hire a shop to build the auto for him. Whenever you can, he desired to build the vehicle with his own two hands. Most of the FR-S GT was worked and built on in his own residence garage. I wanted to stay true to the spirit of the Tuner Challenge, so that it was important not to let someone else build the car, or maybe throw on a collection of catalog-ready production bolt-on pieces. This is exactly what would set the FR-S GT apart from the other FR-S builds.

Daniel said that he wanted to produce the most extreme, aggressive and sinister and evil-looking race-ready FR-S for SEMA , as well as the build that you simply see before you leaves certainly that he achieved his goal. For the exterior, Daniel collaborated with one-and-only Jon Sibal, who designed the widebody front and rear fenders, as well as carbon-fiber front canards, race splitter, and side sills and strakes. All of this complemented by a front lip, side skirts, and rear valance by MV Designz, as well as a Difflow custom five-element aluminum diffuser. Daniel also dealt with APR who built the carbon-fiber rear spoiler, rear airfoil, and upright stabilizer. Additionally, APR carbon-fiber Formula GT3 mirrors and NACA hood ducts add to the menacing look in the FR-S GT. He then had Daley Visuals wrap the whole car in Meguiar’s 3M Carbon Dinoc vinyl. The end result is incredible, especially when the mixture of Air Runner air suspension with KYB four-dial dampening control is activated to lower the widened chassis down on the custom list of SSR Professor SP1 three-piece wheels, sized 18×10 in the front and 18×11.5 from the rear, wrapped in Toyo 4 Plus tires sized 235/40-18 and 275/35-18, respectively. In the event it came to the interior, he stripped everything down and contacted Garage Life to have them create a full rollcage and integrated harness bar, together with a dimple-dyed aluminum floor mat. He also had them create seat rails for the Sparco Competition Circuit racing bucket seat. Daniel continued with Sparco for items including their four-point harness, R345 suede controls, steering hub, and quick-release. The raw interior was then refinished in matte black, using the rollcage bars being redone in gloss black. Daniel also utilized carbon fiber in the interior by creating custom door panels, and also radio delete and A/C delete trim panels. The result is an interior that may be every bit as menacing as the outside of the car. But looking like a race car and having the capacity to move like one are two different things. To provide the strength needed to propel this black beauty around the track, Daniel contacted Vortech and utilized their full lineup of products. The V-3 H67 self-lubricated supercharger with billet impeller is at the middle of it all, complemented by their Maxflow air-to-air front-mount charge cooler and mandrel-bent aluminum charge ducting, as well as their cold air induction system. The modification list keeps going and going, but we’re sure you get the idea-this thing is just plain ridiculous. It covers everything, and theInterestingly, the automobile took home a disappointing Third Spot in the challenge, however the car has been incredibly well received by numerous mediamagazines and outlets, and websites. But most importantly to Daniel, the people and fans were not disappointed in the build. This build received the very best number of fan votes on FR-S forums. Additionally, it was featured at the top Gear’s website, picked as among the Top 5 favorite cars of SEMA 2012 by Driver and Car in addition to Motor Trend. And Scion themselves picked the FR-S GT among their Top 5 Favorite FR-S’s. To top it all off, the car will be used by Scion for various shows throughout the year, plus in other marketing opportunities. So what exactly is Daniel gonna do as the car has disappeared? I have a few ongoing builds, a Nissan GT-R as well as a BMW 535i. But I also plan on purchasing a Scion FR-S of my own and possibly duplicate the FR-S GT by myself personal car. Yea, we can’t wait, either. Ready when you are, Daniel.