2013 Mazda3 i Grand Touring – Road Trippin’ In A ’13 Mazda3


Gas prices typically rise heading into the summer and spring driving seasons. But this year, it seems prices have already been steadily increasing and faster when compared to previous years. With prices expected to remain highest in California, the Midwest, and also the Northeast, it’s a sure bet which it will rise with no signs and symptoms of slowing down soon.

Not only because we are reliant on gasoline to commute to and from work or school, but we have also picked up some nasty driving habits through the years, this news hits the tuner market especially hard. You know, driving like a man possessed. From checking if your car still has the ability to chirp Third gear or make use of the excuse of driving fast because his/her car’s legs need to be stretched every now and then, we’ve admittedly done it once or another.In A ’13 Mazda3

We have to drive fast cars; it’s our responsibility. But with the necessity for speed and owning a lead foot comes the heartache of a dwindling bank account. One day it would if reality hasn’t that is set in yet. You will know that the phrase pay to play means a trip to your local fuel station every time you step foot in your gas-guzzling street machine if not today then perhaps several months down the line.

Mazda is probably best known for launching its innovative, but gas-guzzling, rotary engine, which maintained an amazing 45-year run that finally ended production in 2012. Since then, Mazda has become touting its SkyActiv Technology engines within the last year with great success. Their newest Mazda3 i Grand Touring four-door models deliver an impressive 27 city/38 highway mpg (six-speed auto transmission). The 2.0L SkyActiv engine isn’t the easiest on the block with its 155hp output, nevertheless it delivered enough power as tested firsthand when we decided to take press cars on the road trip out to San Francisco for the little R & R. We should mention that Mazda also has an S Grand Touring model with a 2.5L VVT engine that offers 167 hp with a slightly less fuel-efficient 22 city/29 highway (automatic) mpg rating. Our seven-hour trip was made up of taking detours along the California coast to visit numerous scenic locations by using a quick stop at Laguna Seca Raceway to take in many races before we finally made our way across the Golden Gate Bridge, all the while the Mazda kept chugging along without losing a beat.is undoubtedly an understatement to the Mazda3. Our combined highway and street driving averaged 34.6 mpg while trailblazing more than 271 miles (combined city and highway) from a half tank of fuel. After our road trip it got me thinking, although i would have never considered purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle. The wife’s fully built Evo IX MR (19 mpg on a good day) and my Subaru WRX (22 mpg) could become our weekend vehicles, while a much more fuel-friendly car like the Mazda3 could hypothetically become a daily commuter car. Hey, who knows, it could happen!