2009 Audi A4 TDI Avant – Christian Wagner


All automotive paint jobs require extensive body preparation and the right environment to get a top-notch, show-winning result once you’ve mixed the ideal color to start with.

Paint has color variations that, for the discerning eye, could totally mess up the outcomes, although we all like to think color choice is simply a few citing OEM color codes.

Christian Wagner is a 28 year-old self-confessed VW/Audi fiend from Germany who works as an air-ride installer. He’s had his fair share of project cars and is always looking to handle things to the next level. His first car was a B4 Audi 80 that served him well for many years until it was eplaced by a 3B Passat that went through three bare-metal spray jobs ( Simply because… ). Before a beloved 4F Audi A6, it was actually replaced by a Mk4 Golf.an array of things to do to his own car back home. Recently that car was the A6, until he spied a 2009 B8 A4 TDI 2.0L Avant at his local Audi dealership.

Unfortunately, it was an instance of Looking good from afar but far away from good, and close inspection revealed scrapes, dents, bumps and dings that ruined the otherwise blank canvas.

While others might overlooked the flaws, the Christian knew exactly how much prep work was in front of him. And given that it will probably receive numerous resprays over the next few years, the bodywork must be perfect. Its condition gave him some bargaining power with the salesman and he determined a deal on the spot. I really liked the Avant so sold the A6 to focus on the new car, Christian said.

With a 170hp 2.-liter turbo-diesel under the hood, dragstrip prowess wasn’t about the cards, though he took a few days to gauge what must be done. Christian was delighted to keep the motor stock, nevertheless the exterior he had to bring sexy back. And given that he worked at wagnair.de in Frammersbach, Germany, he had to obtain the Audi as much as speed with regards to its appearance in time for Worthersee 2012. Christian knew what he was doing when it got to painting it, so he beat, sanded, rubbed, pulled and filled every imperfection towards the high standard he wanted before spraying the car within its factory hue. Anything plastic was finished in gloss black, as was the roofing, while US-spec bi-xenon headlights were added, plus a dual-exit exhaust in the quattro model.

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