1998 Subaru Impreza (GC8) – Time Machine


For those of you who haven’t read about Ryan Novak, here’s a quick and simple breakdown. He is a difficult-core automotive enthusiast, who spends the majority of his life doing just two things: building sick time-attack cars and drinking beer. A lot of the time the two occur simultaneously-although, he is actually quite good at drinking beer while drinking beer. Anyway, though, I’m starting to digress from the reason why our company is here, and that is the super sick Subaru GC8 the thing is before you.Let me take the time to share with those who are brand new to Ryan what he’s built and what those vehicles have accomplished, even though before I get into this build. He owned a ’01 Honda S2000 that was featured in 2009 by our sister publication, Honda Tuning, when it was built with J’s Racing ITBs and aero. He enjoyed a K20-powered ’96 Japanese Honda Civic Type R which was also featured in HT in 2010, and the man still has a K-Series-powered ’96 U.S. Civic hatchback which had been featured in HT 2011. Oh, and this ’01 S2000 was rebuilt to a Garrett turbo-powered, Amuse-widebodied track car that was featured again by HT this year. Now, for all of the Honda haters on the market getting agitated, make no mistake regarding this, these were not show cars. Ryan tracked every single one of these, and every single one of them was damn quick. The S2000 ran a 1: 53 at Buttonwillow on R-comps, and the ’96 Civic ran a 1: 58 there on street tires. Yea, a FF Honda on street tires ran a 1: 58 at Buttonwillow. Disappear if that doesn’t impress you.

So, what made Ryan decide to use a Subaru GC8 chassis this period around? “”I wanted a GC8 for the longest time. I used to have a ’05 STI that I tracked back in 2006 and 2007. Should I was going to do another one I might start off with the lightest of the WRX chassis, i missed the AWD platform, therefore i figured. And also you don’t see many GC8s time-attacking inside the States,”” he says. So, with his mind made up, Ryan set out to discover a chassis to get started building. “”I was looking for one for quite a while until I saw a well-known one for sale by Dave Mann aka MannSlayer.”” Seeing the parts that were in the car and knowing that particular build enjoyed a huge following, Ryan saw the potential to part it and use those funds to create the car just how he wanted. Offering certainly one of his retired race S2000s as a straight trade, both the talked it over, exchanged pictures and emails, and made a deal. Just fourteen days later Mann drove all the way up from Canada to drop off of the GC8 and pick up the S2000. When Mann arrived Ryan looked the car over and realized that he had much more work ahead than he realized. “”When it showed up I used to be seriously slapping myself inside the face-the car was haggard! “” But Ryan didn’t allow the unexpected surprise to deter him. “”I had a plan and was choosing3 weeks to completely part out the car and get it down to a bare shell. Although the teardown was quick, the remainder of the build took a whole lot longer than he anticipated. “”The build took a year to perform even though I thought it was only going to take a few months. So, much detail went into this car, it just took a lot of time to obtain things right,”” he says. Special attention was paid to your selection of aero components, as a time attack car. One of the most unique features of the auto is the widebody. “”I was talking to a guy who told me that his partner had brought in a widebody from Nz a long time ago and it also was relaxing in his warehouse. He couldn’t remember who made it, and so i couldn’t get the name of this, so nowadays it is a mystery kit,”” he says. Ryan paired the widebody with Laun Sport front and rear bumpers to complete the outside of the chassis. A Special Projects front lip combined with a Novak Racing front splitter and air guards handle aero necessities up front, while a Renner Motorsports rear wing and brackets handle rear downforce duties. Ryan then had the entire chassis mounted on a rotisserie and painted Honda Championship White. While all this was getting done, Ryan had AQ Motorsports build the EJ25 and pair it up with a Garrett GTX35R to handle induction duties. The inside is all business, with a Recaro Pro Racer SPG seat and Schroth harness useful for safety duties. Ryan is large on suspension and has had great results with JRZ, so he didn’t hesitate to make use of JRZ RS Pro dampers and Hyperco springs for suspension duties. And when enough time came to wire this race car, Ryan once again considered the one-and-only Rywire. “”I always have Rywire do all my cars. He did a mil-spec engine harness, rewired the complete car, and made this crazy relay box that has a serviceable fuse panel. He or she is on a level like not any other. He could be working on real race cars like those in JGTC or ALMS. The reality that he is accessible for any car is amazing! “” With the car in a completed state, Ryan took it to Shaun Church along with the AEM EMS conservatively tuned to just a bit over 600 awhp and 600 pounds of torque, rock solid numbers which were more than what he wanted and needed.

“”There were instances when I wanted to stop the build because it was so frustrating, but I’m glad that I tied to it since this car scared the hell out of me on the first test day at the track,”” he says. What would scare someone as experienced as Ryan? This GC8 ran a 1: 55 at Buttonwillow on street tires on low boost its first time about the track. Yea, on street tires on low boost-its first time out. “”Keep in mind nothing was adjusted yet, it was a go-out-and-see-what-breaks event. But only time will tell,”” he says, since it stands right now I think the car could be faster with less power and a lot more aero. With Ryan’senthusiasm and drive, and ambition pushing the car forward, we can’t wait to discover what this beautiful beast is able accomplish in the future.

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How to Lower Those Monthly Car Insurance Premiums

It’s quite the racket: you HAVE to have car insurance, and yet, there’s no way to avoid paying way more than you think you should have to. After all, you’re safe driver, you don’t need insurance! But the only thing more expensive than insurance, as they say, is not having insurance when you need it. So what can you do that you actually have control over to lower those monthly payments? Here are a few tips that you the average American can do to make sure you’re spending too much on a non tangible good like car insurance.

Get Cheap Insurance


If you really are as good a driver as you say and you don’t really feel like you need insurance, might as well get one of those super cheap ones that are terrible when you actually need it but will not cost too much. Look at Geico. There’s a reason that 15 minutes could save you 15% or more: their insurance is terrible and at a time of need you will be up the proverbial creek. But if you don’t need it much then you can go ahead and get it because then you will be able to keep your monthly costs low while still technically abiding by the law that requires you to have insurance. But man, god help you if you actually need it at some point.

Safety Features in Your Car


When it’s time to buy a car, new or used, make sure to get a bunch of those safety features you hear so much about. It’s not only good because they actually are safety features that will come in handy at a time of a wreck, but they will give you discounts on your monthly premiums. You’re going to want air bags of course, driver side and passenger side. Also seat belts and seat warmers. If you look at the cars at Nissan Valencia you’ll notice that they will list out the safety features that each car has. This can help you decide on what car you want to get, because the same cars but with differing levels of safety may be the deal breaker. Go ahead and scope out the cars at Downtown Nissan too.

Safe Driving


Of course the best way to beat the premium blues is to actually be a safe driver. That means put your phone down, check your mirrors and don’t listen to your music too loud. It’s this odd feeling that most people have, where driving is some sort of god given right. Well it isn’t. You have to respect that you’re in command of a giant heavy vehicle that literally could cause your own death or even worse the death of a stranger who did nothing wrong. Be aware and in constant control. A benefit other than living will be the lower premiums, but don’t let money be the deciding factor: be a upstanding member of society for once.

2013 Scion FR-S (ZN6) – Black Beauty


Daniel Song of Orange County, CA, has a solid history as being an automotive enthusiast. Being raised in Los Angeles, he has been at the heart of your car tuning culture his whole life which has positively influenced him as an enthusiast. His history is really quite rich. That’s what separates him from others. Rather than adhering to one particular manufacturer and style of modifying-as much people do-he has owned a fairly eclectic and exotic range of cars (a ’05 Lotus Exige, a ’97 Acura NSX, a ’06 Honda S2000, a ’10 BMW 335i, a ’11 Nissan GT-R, as well as a ’05 Lamborghini Gallardo). From Japanese makes (and arguably the best chassis in the future from Japan, at that) to European exotics, Daniel has owned and modified all of them. But it all started for him with Honda, back in 1999. I was hooked after buying my first car, Daniel says. I got a ’99 Honda Civic Si and started modifying and customizing the car without delay. Clearly, that vehicle proved to be the gateway for Daniel into the field of import tuning in which his passion, creativity, and enthusiasm found methods tofor the incredible build you see before you decide to: This car was designed and built to compete in the 2012 Scion Tuner Challenge. If you are brand new to the event, it is an annual competition held by Scion corporate in which three individuals are selected to build cars that will debut at SEMA. After submitting renderings of the their final product may be like, Scion delivers the builder together with the car, $15,000 to use toward the build, and ninety days to complete their build before SEMA. Yes, just 90 days to build the full car. The contestants are carefully selected and only individuals who show a high degree of potential are given the chance; given Daniel’s rich history, it is not surprising that he was selected to compete, although obviously, this is certainly no easy task.

Immediately after being accepted as being a participant inside the competition, Daniel’s mind went along to work. He felt the Scion FR-S was designed to be an affordable performance vehicle that any driving enthusiast, from amateur to professional, could enjoy. It was from that perspective the theme for his build was born. Daniel decided he wanted to develop araw and aggressive, and sinister, race car-themed FR-S. That it would also perform solidly on a track, in which the build as well as its parts could come alive, although he decided to name it the FR-S GT. It was vital to Daniel that the car not only be show-ready due to its debut at SEMA. To achieve this, Daniel picked only brands and components of the highest performance and quality. Each of the businesses that Daniel collaborated with was carefully selected; he only wanted to partner with those that were the very best at their businessOnce the relationships were solidified, Daniel set out to get started the process. Developing a brand-new car would end up being quite a daunting task, especially within the short period of time frame allotted to him, though having solid individuals your corner is substantially helpful. For the reason that car was so new, there have been very little production-ready, off-the-shelf parts available. The majority of the parts either had to be air freighted from Japan, or custom one-off parts needed to be created for this project, Daniel says. One thing that separates Daniel from other previous Tuner Challenge participants is that he doesn’t own his own shop, nor did he mean to hire a shop to build the auto for him. Whenever you can, he desired to build the vehicle with his own two hands. Most of the FR-S GT was worked and built on in his own residence garage. I wanted to stay true to the spirit of the Tuner Challenge, so that it was important not to let someone else build the car, or maybe throw on a collection of catalog-ready production bolt-on pieces. This is exactly what would set the FR-S GT apart from the other FR-S builds.

Daniel said that he wanted to produce the most extreme, aggressive and sinister and evil-looking race-ready FR-S for SEMA , as well as the build that you simply see before you leaves certainly that he achieved his goal. For the exterior, Daniel collaborated with one-and-only Jon Sibal, who designed the widebody front and rear fenders, as well as carbon-fiber front canards, race splitter, and side sills and strakes. All of this complemented by a front lip, side skirts, and rear valance by MV Designz, as well as a Difflow custom five-element aluminum diffuser. Daniel also dealt with APR who built the carbon-fiber rear spoiler, rear airfoil, and upright stabilizer. Additionally, APR carbon-fiber Formula GT3 mirrors and NACA hood ducts add to the menacing look in the FR-S GT. He then had Daley Visuals wrap the whole car in Meguiar’s 3M Carbon Dinoc vinyl. The end result is incredible, especially when the mixture of Air Runner air suspension with KYB four-dial dampening control is activated to lower the widened chassis down on the custom list of SSR Professor SP1 three-piece wheels, sized 18×10 in the front and 18×11.5 from the rear, wrapped in Toyo 4 Plus tires sized 235/40-18 and 275/35-18, respectively. In the event it came to the interior, he stripped everything down and contacted Garage Life to have them create a full rollcage and integrated harness bar, together with a dimple-dyed aluminum floor mat. He also had them create seat rails for the Sparco Competition Circuit racing bucket seat. Daniel continued with Sparco for items including their four-point harness, R345 suede controls, steering hub, and quick-release. The raw interior was then refinished in matte black, using the rollcage bars being redone in gloss black. Daniel also utilized carbon fiber in the interior by creating custom door panels, and also radio delete and A/C delete trim panels. The result is an interior that may be every bit as menacing as the outside of the car. But looking like a race car and having the capacity to move like one are two different things. To provide the strength needed to propel this black beauty around the track, Daniel contacted Vortech and utilized their full lineup of products. The V-3 H67 self-lubricated supercharger with billet impeller is at the middle of it all, complemented by their Maxflow air-to-air front-mount charge cooler and mandrel-bent aluminum charge ducting, as well as their cold air induction system. The modification list keeps going and going, but we’re sure you get the idea-this thing is just plain ridiculous. It covers everything, and theInterestingly, the automobile took home a disappointing Third Spot in the challenge, however the car has been incredibly well received by numerous mediamagazines and outlets, and websites. But most importantly to Daniel, the people and fans were not disappointed in the build. This build received the very best number of fan votes on FR-S forums. Additionally, it was featured at the top Gear’s website, picked as among the Top 5 favorite cars of SEMA 2012 by Driver and Car in addition to Motor Trend. And Scion themselves picked the FR-S GT among their Top 5 Favorite FR-S’s. To top it all off, the car will be used by Scion for various shows throughout the year, plus in other marketing opportunities. So what exactly is Daniel gonna do as the car has disappeared? I have a few ongoing builds, a Nissan GT-R as well as a BMW 535i. But I also plan on purchasing a Scion FR-S of my own and possibly duplicate the FR-S GT by myself personal car. Yea, we can’t wait, either. Ready when you are, Daniel.

Honda Civic Tourer Wagon First Look


The Details:

First R35 to interrupt into the 7-second quarter-mile range

Best timeslip of 7.984 at 186.14 mph

-60 mph in 1.72 seconds

Stock 2014 GT-R Track Edition runs quarter-mile in 11 seconds at 125.1 mph

Chicago-based AMS Performance has made headlines repeatedly for the record setting turbo builds – most notably because of its Nissan GT-Mitsubishi and R Evolution tuning techniques. Dedicated to rigorous testing and continued R&D helped spawn the latest world record setter: The AMS Alpha Omega GT-R. Recently, it became the first R35 on earth to enter into the 7-second quarter-mile club with a best time of 7.984 at 186.14 mph – track conditions were not ideal either. The feat occurred in theWhich is light years faster compared to a stock 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition that runs the quarter-mile in 11. seconds at 125.1 mph, based on Motor Trend. Did we mention the Alpha Omega also is streetable…sort of.

To find out more regarding this monumental GT and achievementThat which was the first car you modified?

MM: “Believe it or perhaps not it, it was actually a Merkur XR4Ti. A turbocharged 2.3-liter engine based on the Ford Pinto engine! Back in 2000, we were making 360whp and 360 lb-ft of torque on pump gas, that has been really impressive for the time.”

At about 1600 awhp, we began to have major tire slip problems around the dyno.

What made you end up picking the GT-R for these record attempts?

MM: “The GT-R is just an incredible platform. We’ve already accomplished a lot together with the Mitsubishi EVOs – setting drag and time attack records – so the natural progression was the Nissan GT-R. It probably has one of the best drivetrains available on the market at this time. The engine makes tons of power stock and has huge potential once modified. The transmission shifts unbelievably quick and just keeps the strength flowing uninterrupted to the ground. You are taking a car that makes more power, is lighter, but with a manual trans, and the GT-R will walk all over it because it puts down all of the power to pavement all of the time.”there are tons of parts and processes that are proprietary to our engine builds. Exactly the same technology that goes in the Alpha Omega engine goes into all our customers engine builds, providing the most dependable engine package available.”

Compression: 9.75: 1

Bore: 98mm

Stroke: 88.4mm (stock)

Darton MID sleeves

AMS propriatery block strengthening

Rods: AMS custom specification Manley rods

Pistons: AMS custom specification JE pistons

Crank: Stock Nissan VR38DETT

Heads: AMS CNC ported heads with oversized valves and upgraded springs

Camshafts: AMS specification Kelford Camshafts

Boost Level: 40 psi

Fuel: E85 (mixed by AMS)

ECU: Syvecs stand-alone

What’s the most important thing to not forget during a project like this?

MM: “We’ve learned over the years that good planning is a huge way to save time in the long run. Take your time, plan it, and build it once. In cases like this, we planned out the project well and incredibly didn’t will need to go back and change anything drastic during the build. We set a goal at heart and put milestones in place to reachTech and Driver

Explain the process leading up to a quarter-mile run.

IP: “Getting into Omega is more like strapping yourself to a rocket. Fire suit, HANS device, six-point restraints, helmet…breathe…window net, HANS strapped to helmet, gloves…Make sure traction control is off, launch mode on…breathe…did Chris pull the chute pin? Pull up to the burnout box. Make sure that traction control is off and launch is on. Little dry hop to make sure the tires are clean…breathe…touch the chute release handle to make sure it is still there and it’s time for you to pull up to the line. Pre-stage… stage…first bulb lights and go WOT.

Acceleration is somewhere between ‘too much of a good ‘shit and thing’Exactly what do you launch at?

IP: “4700 rpm and 7 lbs. of boost with antilag popping and cracking out of the back. At launch, it jumps like you just got rear-ended.

If feel like at WOT, what does?

IP: “Acceleration is approximately ‘too a great deal of good ‘shit and thing’ your pants scary.’ From the lower gears you are just praying you don’t must make any steering corrections and then in the higher gears you are only looking forward to getting the chute out. Prior to the finish line and have the tug since it opens, release the chute. Luckily, it really is over so quickly there is not lots of time toin the half-mile.

Is more left in this your next record goal?

IP: “The next two big goals are sub 5-second 1/8th mile times, 190 mph trap speeds in the quarter, and 220 mph from the half-mile.”

How does the Alpha Omega compare to past GT-R builds?

IP: “It’s a dedicated test car, so that we push this car harder than every other car we build for the customers to guarantee our products will withstand the abuse.”

What exactly like to drive on the street?

IP: “People scream on the car at all times when you street drive it. The car is at such a level that it isn’t really safe to run at high horsepower on the street though.”

You can make a tiny fortune in drag racing, you just have to first start with a biggermethods for tuners who would like to start drag racing?

IP: “You can make a small fortune in drag racing, you just have to first start with a larger fortune.”

For R35 owners, what is the most crucial performance upgrade?

IP: “A proper ECU tune. The ECU will be the foundation of the fullfor a company to recoup its financial investments in time attack.

So how exactly does time attack compare to drag racing?

IP: “It’s another cool motorsport different than drag racing yet still cool. We used to do quite a bit of time attack using our EVOs but nowadays it’s tough for an organization to recoup its financial investments with time attack.”

What is your daily driver?

IP: “2007 Subaru Legacy Wagon.”

Besides, racing, the other hobbies occupy your time?

IP: “RC helicopters, cars and planes.”

For more visit: amsperformance.com

Tire Talk – for Safety and Fuel Efficiency

Those black, rubber circles are the only things which stand between your car and the road, which means that you must never under-estimate the importance of having good quality, well maintained tires which are in tip top condition. Without a decent set of tires your car can feel like it is driving on ice, have poor fuel efficiency, handle poorly, not stop when it should or even suffer a blow out at speed . . . all of which are dangerous scenarios and best to be avoided.
The bottom line . . . if you look after the tires on your motor they will be happy to return the favor.
One of the most important and easiest things to remember is to maintain the correct tire pressure. If your tires are under-inflated they will overheat which can cause them to wear out faster and have more rolling resistance which means that more fuel will be used to maintain speed. If, however your tires are over-inflated, it can lead to poor and even dangerous handling.


It is really important that your vehicle is fitted with the correct type of tire. Don’t be tempted to fit tires which have different specifications to those advised by the manufacturer – take into account the load and speed ratings of the tires for maximum safety and efficiency.
Looking after your tires is relatively simple if you follow these tips:
• It is impossible to tell if the tire pressure is correct just by looking at your tires, check them with an accurate pressure gauge.


• Make sure that your spare tire is roadworthy, pumped and ready for action. You never can tell when you are going to need it.
• Tires will naturally lose a little bit of air over time so make sure that you check the pressures every couple of weeks, or at least once a month.
• Heat will cause the tire pressures to rise temporarily so try to check the pressures when the tires are still cold. Never check them after you have driven a long distance because this will not give an accurate reading.
• Always replace the valve caps on your tires. This can help to prevent debris from entering the valve core.
• Remember that if your tires have either too much or too little pressure it can be extremely dangerous.
• If you notice a rapid change in any of your tires get it checked over by a specialist immediately. If a tire fails while you are traveling at a high speed the consequences can be tragic for you, your passengers or someone else.
• Remember to check the depth and pattern of the tread on your tires regularly. Don’t wait until they are down to the absolute minimum amount of tread needed for legal purposes, think safety and change them before they reach that stage.


• Check your tires for signs of damage regularly. Look for cracks, bulges and splits or signs that any foreign objects (stones, nails etc.) are embedded in the tire wall. If you notice something unusual get it checked out by a specialist.
• Temporary repair kits are available which can come in very handy by the side of the road in an emergency situation, but always drive with extra care and get tires repaired or replaced by the professionals as soon as possible.
At Montclair Nissan they’ve got a good selection of new and used cars and a great professional service team. If you are unsure about the quality of your tires why not pop over to Metro Nissan Redlands and have them checked over.

2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X – Moment Of Clarity


For most of us, those far too infrequent “Eureka! ” moments-when life comes into clearer focus and million-dollar ideas dance in your thoughts-happen on the toilet, in the shower, or halfway through a bottle of Crown Royal. This tends to really make it difficult to take advantage of these fleeting moments of clarity, but luckily for Kaizen Tuning’s Scott McIver, his happened while going “ludicrous speed” in his Japanese dream machine.

To correctly appreciate Scott’s moment of clarity, we need to rewind for the second and take a look at how he got there. As Scott told us, “I was involved in my family’s manufacturing business back in 2000 and made frequent business trips to Japan. I needed a free day in Tokyo, so I went down to Ginza to pick up something nice for my girl. While in that area, I was stopped dead during my tracks outside a Nissan showroom. A blue car the likes of which I had never seen was rotating on a raised platform. I went in and got the hardbound brochure and stared in that car for just two and a half hours. It was actually an R34 GT-R V-Spec in Bayside Blue. I had been in love. I vowed that whenever I could afford it, I would personallythe 1st R35 GT-R in New England. But his dream car experience was quickly brought straight back to reality as he took it to the dealership for its first oil change. “Unlike in Japan, in which the Japanese know what the GT-R is and just how much the owner cherishes it, the dealership here didn’t give a shit. It was another Sentra in their mind. I vowed that I could do it better and started servicing these cars out of my garage. Kaizen Tuning was then born.”

Steadily growing ever since, Kaizen Tuning is located in a new 10,000-square-foot facility just outside of Boston. The company has become a 12-man operation that are experts in GTEvos and Rs, and STIs, and Scott along with his crew take pride in being a full-service tuning shop modeled afterIAG and AMS, and SP Engineering. As Scott explains, “We knew that we could build something special up here in New England that had not been attempted: a higher-end, dedicated import speed shop that concentrates on customer support and quality foremost and first. Our Name, Kaizen, literally translates to ‘constant improvement.’ We strive to achieve that daily while focusing on building motors, twin-disc transmission builds, and dyno-tuning the ideal cars up here.”

2010 mitsubishi evolution x interior

2010 mitsubishi evolution x camber plate

2010 mitsubishi evolution x AiM MXL digital dash

So, if Scott’s dream car has always been a GT-R, why an Evolution X? “I’ve been track driving since 2001. I started by helping cover their HPDEs and fell in love. My driving has reached the point were I really want a full safety system in a car-something I realized while doing 171 mph down the back straight at Watkins Glen in my GT-R. We desperately wanted to produce a track-going GT-R but could not justify the expenses, and I still wanted to drive mine on the street. It would have been painful to see it gutted to ensure a full rollcage could be welded in.”

And just that way, the idea for this particular ’10 Evolution X project was born. “The Evo project really started to roll once we met with Varis in Japan at the ’11 Tokyo Auto Salon, based on Scott. We tune a huge amount of Evo Xs here at KT, so we wanted a showcase for our in-house know-how. We had set a meeting with Varis to chat over our thoughts on a racing program sponsorship in the united states.

Their wide-body kit was icing on the cake, since it fit our ideas for the auto perfectly. We explained to Varis that we wanted to concentrate on the East Coast time attack circuit with Real Time Attack, a group that does mostly northeast time attack events. Varis loved the theory, as they wanted to prove the functionality of the kit, so we got started.”

Enough time attack race car conversion started by sending the Evo to one of the best rollcage fabricators inside the northeast, HT Motorsport, where they spec’d out a rally ’cage from Custom Cages in England using T45 steel. With the X stripped towhich had been flown over first class from Japan (OK, maybe it flew coach), was in fact the first Varis Evo X wide-body kit installed in the united states. As Scott explains, “It’s the full wide-body kit with the VSDC diffuser, VSDC hood, and VSDC trunk. The VSDC process is unique to Varis, using a lighter, stronger mixture of wet and dry carbon. This can be a perfect combo for motorsports aero using a front splitter providing enough downforce to fully eliminate any understeer.”

To balance the aero package, Kaizen Tuning opted for an Aeromotions wing. “These guys are aero engineers from MIT and make an amazing product that we use on Evos and GTRs that see track duty. These guys rented the Haas wind tunnel and did real aero testing about the wing at 140 to 180 mph. It’s an establishedpower to fully utilize its newfound downforce, Kaizen’s Evo got a serious tune-up using an AMS 750R turbo kit. “We moved to this kit once the NJMP event last year once we were running a stock-frame turbo and aftermarket header, in accordance with Scott. Each and every time I got from the car I found myself throwing up. It was easily 150 degrees in the cabin of the car. Our crew chief just kept shaking his head at me, telling me to grow a set.

After our first run on the 2nd day of racing, I came in early, after setting best time of the day, and started heaving again. Once I could talk, I told the chief that this car was down on power and making weird noises under boost. Lo and behold, the welded manifold had cracked right across the middle and was dumping raw exhaust right into the firewall, cooking me from the feet up! That’s if we made the decision to go to the cast manifold from AMS around the 750R so we would not have this issue again.”

Because by the end of their first season of competition, Scott with his fantastic Evo claimed the Real Time Attack Unlimited Class championship, outrunning 15 other heavy hitters from well-known shops, clearly the Kaizen Tuning crew possessed a moment of clarity of their own when they chose to build this Evolution X instead of converting Scott’s beloved GT-R into something similar. And situations are only going to get more intense this year, with all the Kaizen Evo moving on to tackle the Whelen USTT Championship, a far more competitive time attack series with national exposure.

2010 mitsubishi evolution x keys racing steering wheelseats and seat rails; Schroth 6-point harnesses; Key’s Racing steering wheel, fire suppression system; AiM MXL digital dash; Zeixtronix ZT-2 wide-band and boost gauges

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CL7 Honda Accord Euro R – The Blue M&M


Well, slap my ass and call me Susan. I think I am just in love. This hard blue candy-coated CL7 is one hell of a sweet ride. For years I have wanted owning a car like this, and recently I picked up my first TSX to act being a daily driver. The lines are still there, and thus is the engineering, though sadly, my American version in the Accord can be a mere shadow of what the thing is here. For those who have read my previous works for HT, you are knowledgeable of my affinity for any of Honda’s lesser-loved and more rare chassis. Maybe it’s only the uncompromisingly stubborn side of my psyche, but I like the overlooked or unattainable. And that is precisely what you have here: a completely racebuilt, JDM, Mugen, RHD and Spoon and M&M Honda-equipped Acura TSX, complete with a Euro R badge and a huge amount of attitude. This car is very rare that most of us will never know what it seems like to drive one; and unless your pocketbook and interest inside a portly chassis are more than overly abundant, you will never have the chance to build one. So, what’s another best thing? I recommend that you chill out, open up a bag of your own favorite hard-shelled chocolate candy, and engage inSo let’s start things off by analyzing the decadent core of the outlandishly tasty treat. Built entirely by M&M Honda of Japan, this CL7 was designed to get both a street-legal head turner along with a total track monster. It retains all of the luxurious amenities that originally attracted me to my CL9 here in the States (i.eAC, . and PS power windows, etc.), while still managing to lose a couple of hundred kilos of unwanted weight at the same time. Meanwhile, the Euro R’s lusty K20 powerplant is stroked to complement its USDM brethren’s 2.4-liter displacement specs, and an exquisite ITB setup and forged internals were installed to sharpen the grunt buried below the throttle. This Accord has received an eye-catching assortment of aero parts, the full exhaust system has become titanium in nature, and it is all component of a master plan. This car was originally designed for one reason and one reason only,. That’s what you need to know, my curious comrades: to get faster when compared to a Type R and become the easiest street-legal Accord in all of Japan. Well, that is one hell of your tall order y’all. Type R Hondas of all kinds weigh a fraction of what the CL7 weighs, and they will outhandle the Euro R at each and every turn. So, how to proceed, what to do? After M&M Honda stroked it, the company opted to install some much stiffer suspension and custom bushings on all four corners of your car, together with some insanely wide wheels to help place the power to the pavement. From that point, the M&M crew installed a Haltech EMS in order to provide the widest possible array of tuning adjustment. Where does this place them in their quest to be faster than the average Type R, and exactly what does this do for their ranking in that treacherous climb to the peak of the street-legal Accord class? The answer will surprise you.

In recent years, this CL7 has destroyed countless CTRs, ITRs, and fellow Euro Rs. It has spanked the competition at tracks across Japan, Time Attack records have been smashed, and heads have been turned at every stoplight and intersection in between. This car gets driven on the track, where it gets pushed towards the limits and beyond, and then, when the smoke clears, it gets driven home-trailers will not need to apply. Right from the street for the track, all M&M has to do is sign in, proceed through tech inspection, get to the paddock for a little preparation, and it’s off toBack in 2011 this sedan destroyed the competition at Suzuka Circuit by putting down a good lap time period of 2: 27: 9, and then it came back to stun the opposition at Fuji International Speedway in 2012 with a time attack lap time of 2: 01: 4. To wrap it all up last year, this CL7 blew away the opposition with another highly respectable 1: 04: 4 at the infamous Tsukuba Circuit. And even though M&M Honda’s 2013 plans just for this beast of your Accord continue to be shrouded in secrecy, something is for certain: It now holds the title to have the fastest street-legal Honda Accord in all of Japan. So, while you chew on that little tidbit of info for a minute, allow me to provide you with a brief rundown on why this car can state that title.

This CL7 is chock-full of Toda internals to help keep that stroked, high-compression K24 safely pumping out the horsepower, as I mentioned earlier. Everything from the titanium valvetrain to the carbon clutch is reinforced by Toda; and what isn’t supported by Toda is Mugen in nature. Alternatively, a one-off creation courtesy of M&M Honda. Oodles of M&M Honda bushings stiffen the chassis and improve handling; Ohlins one-off dampers handle the hard corners. Stopping power is a six-pot AP Racing concoction that grasps ahold of M&M Honda oversize rotors.

CL7 honda accord euro r m and mHauling ass across Japan in the fastest Accord ever made sure must be fun, but looking great while you’re doing additionally it is quite important. M&M Honda loves the lines of the Euro R, so it decided to accentuate them, piecing together a body kit that is just…breathtaking. Save for a Spoon Sports front bumper along with the Mugen side skirts, everything on the outside with this car is an M&M Honda original. Custom fenders were crafted to follow along with the OEM lines in the Accord while still allowing enough room for the massive 10.5-inch-wide TE37SL wheels to fit. For a few additional pop, the car was sprayed Long Beach Blue Pearl. Original undertrays were fabbed up to reduce resistance, and acrylic windows installed to fight obesity.

So, before I make you, be sure to look this car over from top to bottom, and as your eyes languish inside the Long Beach Blue Pearl embodiment on this Euro R, know full well it is only going to improve. In fact, some day it may go down in the past as the best Honda Accord ever built. Now that could be sweet…

Bolts & Washers


K20, stroked to 2.4L

Haltech EMS

Toda Sports injection (ITBs)

Toda high-compression pistons

Toda rods

Ported/polished head

Toda cams

Toda valvesprings

Toda retainers

Cosworth high-compression head gasket

Toda VTC control cam gear

Toda heavy-duty timing chain

Toda race header

M&M Honda 70mm titanium exhaust

M&M Honda engine damper

M&M Honda radiator hose kit

Mugen thermostat

Mugen thermo switch

Transmission cooler kit

Smar oil catch tank

, 6 cross transmission set4 and 5m and msteering wheel

Mugen quick shifter

Mugen shift knob

Owner Specs

Daily Grind

Building and racing every imaginable Honda

Favorite Site


Building Hondas

30 years

Screen Name


Dream Car

F1 Honda race car

Inspiration for this particular Build

To build Japan’s fastest street-legal Accord

Future Builds

Too many to count

CL7 honda accord euro r m and mFor those Honda fans outside ofFukuoka and Japan, here’s a little background on M&M Honda. Dedicated to creating go-fast goods for Hondas has been this company’s specialty for over 30 years now, and it has raced and built almost everything imaginable. So, if you need something for your S2000, Accord and Civic or Integra, these guys are definitely worth a look. One-off creations are abundantly available if the price is right, plus they never shy away from obscure builds like the Honda Beat or even the City Turbo II, for instance. Wondering how you can get your grubby little hands on some of this awesomeness? Well, you’re in luck as all of M&M’s parts are distributed through Wired Electronics of New Jersey. If you want to pick something up, drop the guys at Wired Electronics a line and tell them HT sent you!

Wired Electronics: wirednj.com

Great Games You Can Play in the Car

It’s always the same . . . well, it is in our car anyway. Everybody is super excited to set out on the journey, the luggage is packed and the snacks are in position . . . and yet within 30 miles you hear the same old story.
“I’m bored . . . . ”
“Are we nearly there yet . . . . ”
And just think, only another 586 miles to go . . . bliss.


Okay, we all pack our own play lists, we’ve got portable DVD players and every musical media device known to man, but sometimes you need to take a step back in time and enjoy some good old fashioned fun.
The best car games don’t need paper and pens, they don’t need any tools or equipment, there’s nothing to drop on the floor or to lose, and many of them can be tweaked to suit a wide variety of age ranges of passengers.
Here are a few of our favorites . . .
Twenty Questions – well, “are we nearly there yet” is one, but what about the other nineteen? The first person to think of something takes the first turn . . . and then the questions begin. The occupants of the car must try to discover what the question master is thinking about by asking only twenty “yes” or “no” questions. The first should always be to discover whether this “thing” is animal, vegetable or indeed mineral, then you can be on your way taking turns to ask questions until you narrow it down to the object. “Does it have fur?” . . . “”can you eat it?”” . . . the possibilities are endless.


Shopping Game – is another great memory game which helps to make the miles fly by. The first person starts off with “”I went shopping and I bought something which begins with A . . . let’s say Apricots . . . “”the next person must repeat the phrase and tag along something which begins with B . . . let’s say bread . . . and so on around the car. This does get more difficult as more letters and items are added to the list, particularly if you try to think of something you can buy with the letter X.
Count The . . . – you can choose whatever you want for this game which is particularly good for younger members of the family. You can count the trees, the cows, the churches, the tractors, the blue pickup trucks . . . whatever you decide.
License Plate Game – is another old favorite which never gets boring . . . well, you should get at least a couple of hundred miles out of it anyway. There are lots of different variations for this game which really depends upon the ages of the players. Older children may need to spot out of state plates whereas younger ones could just try to spot all of the letters in the alphabet . . . in the right order of course.


Whatever games you decide to play, the journey will be more enjoyable if you have the right vehicle. Check out some of the motors which they have for sale at fiat huntington beach. There’s a good range of both new and pre-used cars on offer which will help you to eat up the miles in comfort and style. Take a peek at OC Fiat and see for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

2009 Audi A4 TDI Avant – Christian Wagner


All automotive paint jobs require extensive body preparation and the right environment to get a top-notch, show-winning result once you’ve mixed the ideal color to start with.

Paint has color variations that, for the discerning eye, could totally mess up the outcomes, although we all like to think color choice is simply a few citing OEM color codes.

Christian Wagner is a 28 year-old self-confessed VW/Audi fiend from Germany who works as an air-ride installer. He’s had his fair share of project cars and is always looking to handle things to the next level. His first car was a B4 Audi 80 that served him well for many years until it was eplaced by a 3B Passat that went through three bare-metal spray jobs ( Simply because… ). Before a beloved 4F Audi A6, it was actually replaced by a Mk4 Golf.an array of things to do to his own car back home. Recently that car was the A6, until he spied a 2009 B8 A4 TDI 2.0L Avant at his local Audi dealership.

Unfortunately, it was an instance of Looking good from afar but far away from good, and close inspection revealed scrapes, dents, bumps and dings that ruined the otherwise blank canvas.

While others might overlooked the flaws, the Christian knew exactly how much prep work was in front of him. And given that it will probably receive numerous resprays over the next few years, the bodywork must be perfect. Its condition gave him some bargaining power with the salesman and he determined a deal on the spot. I really liked the Avant so sold the A6 to focus on the new car, Christian said.

With a 170hp 2.-liter turbo-diesel under the hood, dragstrip prowess wasn’t about the cards, though he took a few days to gauge what must be done. Christian was delighted to keep the motor stock, nevertheless the exterior he had to bring sexy back. And given that he worked at wagnair.de in Frammersbach, Germany, he had to obtain the Audi as much as speed with regards to its appearance in time for Worthersee 2012. Christian knew what he was doing when it got to painting it, so he beat, sanded, rubbed, pulled and filled every imperfection towards the high standard he wanted before spraying the car within its factory hue. Anything plastic was finished in gloss black, as was the roofing, while US-spec bi-xenon headlights were added, plus a dual-exit exhaust in the quattro model.

Read more: http: //www.superstreetonline.com/features/1309-2009-audi-a4-tdi-avant-christian-wagner/#ixzz3WJGzAbaM

2013 Mazda3 i Grand Touring – Road Trippin’ In A ’13 Mazda3


Gas prices typically rise heading into the summer and spring driving seasons. But this year, it seems prices have already been steadily increasing and faster when compared to previous years. With prices expected to remain highest in California, the Midwest, and also the Northeast, it’s a sure bet which it will rise with no signs and symptoms of slowing down soon.

Not only because we are reliant on gasoline to commute to and from work or school, but we have also picked up some nasty driving habits through the years, this news hits the tuner market especially hard. You know, driving like a man possessed. From checking if your car still has the ability to chirp Third gear or make use of the excuse of driving fast because his/her car’s legs need to be stretched every now and then, we’ve admittedly done it once or another.In A ’13 Mazda3

We have to drive fast cars; it’s our responsibility. But with the necessity for speed and owning a lead foot comes the heartache of a dwindling bank account. One day it would if reality hasn’t that is set in yet. You will know that the phrase pay to play means a trip to your local fuel station every time you step foot in your gas-guzzling street machine if not today then perhaps several months down the line.

Mazda is probably best known for launching its innovative, but gas-guzzling, rotary engine, which maintained an amazing 45-year run that finally ended production in 2012. Since then, Mazda has become touting its SkyActiv Technology engines within the last year with great success. Their newest Mazda3 i Grand Touring four-door models deliver an impressive 27 city/38 highway mpg (six-speed auto transmission). The 2.0L SkyActiv engine isn’t the easiest on the block with its 155hp output, nevertheless it delivered enough power as tested firsthand when we decided to take press cars on the road trip out to San Francisco for the little R & R. We should mention that Mazda also has an S Grand Touring model with a 2.5L VVT engine that offers 167 hp with a slightly less fuel-efficient 22 city/29 highway (automatic) mpg rating. Our seven-hour trip was made up of taking detours along the California coast to visit numerous scenic locations by using a quick stop at Laguna Seca Raceway to take in many races before we finally made our way across the Golden Gate Bridge, all the while the Mazda kept chugging along without losing a beat.is undoubtedly an understatement to the Mazda3. Our combined highway and street driving averaged 34.6 mpg while trailblazing more than 271 miles (combined city and highway) from a half tank of fuel. After our road trip it got me thinking, although i would have never considered purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle. The wife’s fully built Evo IX MR (19 mpg on a good day) and my Subaru WRX (22 mpg) could become our weekend vehicles, while a much more fuel-friendly car like the Mazda3 could hypothetically become a daily commuter car. Hey, who knows, it could happen!